The Dog Groomer Profession in Wisconsin

If you love pets and are considering working with them, becoming a dog groomer in Wisconsin may be the perfect fit. Although not everyonewisconsin has the resources to become a veterinarian or desire to work as a vet technician, dog grooming is another great avenue. Those in the state of Wisconsin enjoy a career as a groomer in a peaceful environment and do not have to attend a great deal of schooling to do so.



Salary Expectations and Pay Ranges

Groomers in Wisconsin make close to $30,000 per year. The website states that the average groomer in the U.S. earns $10.87 per hour, which is the equivalent of $29,458 annually. The person may enhance his or her salary even more by becoming self-employed. This allows the person to choose his or her own prices and work as much as possible to obtain an income much higher than the average groomer’s salary.

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What Will the Job Involve?

Groomers trim the animal’s claws and fur. They trim fur in a manner that enhances the pet’s appearance. Oftentimes, the groomer is responsible for giving the pet a cut that gets the fur out of his or her eyes or keeps the pet cooler. The groomer treats pets for fleas, ticks and other skin and fur conditions. Groomers recommend products to pet for certain skin conditions, and they also educate the owner on grooming practices in between visits.

Wisconsin Requirements

Like many other states, Wisconsin does not require individuals to receive formal training in a classroom setting. The person may opt to receive on-the-job training to learn how to take care of a pet’s fur and nails. This usually takes a few weeks before the person is able to perform any type of treatments on an animal without supervision.

Those wanting to become a groomer in Wisconsin may also attend training from one of the six official schools in the state. Because a training program is not required, each training program varies greatly. In terms of duration, the person may attend a program anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the intensity of the curriculum. In all courses, the person will learn specific techniques to trim and shape a pet’s fur based on his or her body type and the request of the owner. Someone in grooming school will learn to cut nails. Basic skills like learning how to calm an animal to groom him or her are taught as well. Flea and tick removal and prevention are part of the knowledge taught. The person also learns how to teach the owner to care for his or her pet’s coat in between visits. Because anything can happen, many training programs teach animal CPR to groomers-in-training. Attending a program and receiving certification through a renowned certification association enhance the person’s resume for prospective employers and increase his or her earning potential. Two national organizations for groomer certification include the National Groomers Association and the National Master Certified Groomers association.

Resources For Possible Employment

Whether the person is looking for employment or someone to train him or her, mobile groomers, pet shops and pet spas are the best places to start. The person may try a veterinarian’s office also. After grooming for several years, the person may decide to work as an instructor in a grooming school. It doesn’t hurt to check out the Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee, the Dodge County Humane Society or the Dane County Humane Society.