Natural Healthcare for Animals

Health Care for pets has evolved to include a wide array of different treatments and remedies. That includes an abundance of natural treatments aimed at improving the overall health of a pet. These natural treatments cover a broad range of areas and have been proven to result in an improvement of the internal and external health of a pet.


Natural External Care

Animals must deal with the elements of nature, which can have an effect on their exterior. No matter how fine or coarse an animal’s fur may be, there exists an ongoing battle against insects, fleas and ticks. One way of testing for fleas is to run a comb through the animal’s fur and then place the comb in between a couple of wet paper towels. When pressed together, any traces of red will signify that fleas are present as that is the color of their feces. This is just one of the ways to identify exterior health issues.

There are a host of natural ways to contend with these issues, which are much healthier than using sprays or repellants. The chemicals in those products may actually be harmful to an animal. One alternative would be to use a natural flea repellant, such as geraniol, which comes from the Geranium flower. Extracting geraniol is a natural way to keep fleas from bringing a tremendous amount of discomfort to pets and also providing a healthy medicinal alternative. A number of other home remedies for fleas exist. There are a vast amount of natural extracts that benefit animals. The finer details of various herbs and extracts is something a natural pet health care specialist learns in great detail.

Natural Immunity Boosting

Animals can boost their immune system was a steady diet of natural foods and herbs. This will also reduce symptoms of arthritis in addition to keeping inflammation to a minimum. The use of Echinacea is one natural remedy that strengthens the immune system of pets. A natural diet will also aid in boosting immunity as the unnatural elements that are part of processed pet food can actually be harmful when it comes to pet immunity. Natural health care specialists are well-versed in diagnosing these problem areas and also prescribe effective immunity boosting methods moving forward.

Natural Diet

Some brands of pet foods can actually have a negative impact on the health of a pet. A common problem is not providing enough protein while high doses of artificial carbohydrates can wind up negatively impacting a pet in numerous ways. There needs to be a delicate and calculated balance when it comes to portioning out an animal’s daily diet. This is one more skill of a natural pet health care specialist.

Dogs are just as susceptible to food allergies as people are nowadays. They are also similar to people in the way their bodies respond to junk food and poor nutrition. Weight problems often occur because of a lack of proper nutrition. A natural diet combats all of those previously-mentioned issues. Cooking certain foods for a pet is an excellent way to provide nutritious meals and there are several natural snacks that do a world of good, such as coconut oil. There are plenty of natural options that can be prescribed and these options provide pets with much better overall health.

Fighting Disease and Ailment

Pets are not exempt from contracting various forms of cancer, along with other debilitating diseases. While traditional methods of treatment, like chemotherapy, can eliminate tumors, they can also take a toll on pets. Herbs and natural supplements can be used along with these treatments. Herbs and natural foods can also be prescribed to fight off other ailments which may not always be life threatening. The end result is a better quality of life for a pet. Many times, recovery is not instantaneous, but following signs will indicate the healing process has begun.

  • Routine sleep patterns
  • Higher energy levels
  • More instances of self-grooming
  • Regularity

Emotional Health

The emotional well-being of a pet can be helped immensely with the use of natural herbs and supplements. Herbs have a calming effect on pets. Vitamin B has also been known to help pets to deal with stress. Chamomile is believed to be a natural relaxer for dogs while ginger can be used to cure an upset stomach. Echinacea has a number of benefits, one of which reduces the frequency of infections. The bottom line is that a variety of herbs and vitamins can be prescribed to create a better emotional state for pets.

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Aromatherapy for pets comes with more than just prescribing a pleasing scent. There needs to be careful research done as some scents could actually be toxic to animals. Cats have very sensitive metabolic systems and are extremely sensitive to essential oils used in pet aromatherapy. This is one reason why it is so important for specialists to use only safe scents on pets. Lavender is one such scent that helps cure a variety of symptoms, while fennel can assist in breaking up toxins. Knowing which scents to use in aromatherapy is an integral part of being a natural pet health care specialist.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a combination of techniques that includes specialized massage, the use of herbs, acupuncture, and exercise. The aim is to bring together various forms of treatment into one collective natural healing process. There is a harmony that exists in Traditional Chinese Medicine, one that helps pets on a physical and emotional level. Stress is reduced and better physical health is promoted. Natural health care specialists are capable of utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine and all of its techniques on all varieties of pets.