West Virginia Dog Groomer Outlook

If you are looking for a rewarding career while working with animals, becoming a Dog Groomer in West Virginia may be a perfect fit. With the ever growing amount of home pets and animals in need, this career shows a stable future. Find out more information below, about what is to be expected for those looking to become a Dog Groomer in West Virginia.



Salary and Expected Pay Ranges

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field of grooming, and animal care in general, is projected to increase by 11 percent between the years of 2014 and 2024, which is a faster than average growth for most jobs. As of 2014, 241,600 positions were available for animal care workers. PayScale.com reports a groomer made $10.87 hourly, which is the equivalent of $29,458 per year as of January 2016. Those who open up their own shops, work out of their homes or go to the pet owner’s homes have the potential to make more since they are in charge of their schedules and price.

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West Virginia Requirements

In order to become a groomer in West Virginia, a person must possess a high school diploma or the equivalent of one. Further specialized education is not necessary, although it does impact employment opportunities and salary potential, especially starting out. Those who opt to attend a training program in the area should expect the course to take anywhere between two to 18 weeks. During the time of the course, students will learn proper techniques to trim and shape both short-haired and long-haired dogs. Depending on the course, the pupil may learn the specifics of each breed in order to recommend and use products that take care of the special needs of each breed. The course teaches individuals how to cut nails safely and effectively. It also teaches pupils how to clean the pet’s ears and the proper handling of animals. Learning how to treat and respect animals affects the pet and owner’s experience tremendously. Some schools teach students how to perform CPR in the event something unfortunate happens to the pet while at the groomers. One school in West Virginia educates groomers on pet psychology. Groomers in WV may acquire certification through the National Dog Grooming Association of America.

Those who receive on-the-job training learn very similar skills, but much of the information on pet breeds is not taught and just acquired from working in the field. The groomer will still learn the basics, though.

Some Responsibilities

Responsibilities of a groomer include: shampooing, trimming fur and claws, cleaning out the pet’s ears and detecting and reporting skin and coat problems. In pet spas, the groomer is meant to make the pet feel relaxed and calm.

Finding Employment

Groomers may find employment in pet spas, vets’ offices, shelters, kennels, pet hotels and grooming shops. Several counties have a humane society where groomers may want to look for employment such as the Taylor County Humane Society, Mon County Humane Society and the Berkeley County Humane Society.