Minnesota Dog Grooming Career

You love spending time with dogs. In fact, being around “man’s best friend” has proven to michiganbe one of your favorite activities. Well, if you are seeking a potential career that will give you plenty of time with dogs, then dog grooming could end up being the answer. Check out this guide on how to take on the education process and get employment if you want to be a dog groomer in the state of Michigan.




A Michigan dog groomer can become sufficiently prepared for dog care through a combination of formal or informal education and apprenticing. If you choose to attend a formal school then you will gain all of the knowledge you need to care for a dog. You can gain practical education by working and learning from a more experienced groomer. Keep in mind that formal education may factor into your potential yearly earnings.

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What You can Expect at Work

As a dog groomer, you will play an important role in the life of a dog. While you may think at all a groomer does is clean a dog, their work goes much deeper than that. A dog groomer will ensure that the health of the dog is intact by doing a visible check. The groomer will check for any skin or fur issues that the dog might be suffering from. If the dog is healthy, then the groomer will provide fur, ear, and nail cleaning services. After this, the groomer will trim fur and nails so that the dog is more comfortable. A groomer might also offer some coloring services for a dog’s fur and nails, should an owner be interested something like this.

Pay Ranges

There are many factors to consider when checking out Michigan dog groomer salaries. Many things play a part in the amount a groomer will get paid. Where the groomer lives, any special education the groomer has, and whether the groomer chooses to work for him or herself or work for someone else will all factor into the amount of money the groomer makes. Typically, a groomer makes between$ 20,000 and $50,000 a year. This is slightly lower than the nearby States, so it is something to keep in mind should you be looking for grooming jobs in Michigan.


Once you have finished educating yourself, you will want to reach out to potential employers. If you plan on working with a parent company, then you should check out this list of groomers in the Michigan area. It will offer leads on potential places of employment; http://www.findagroomer.com/groomers/Mobile_Groomers_and_Housecall_Groomers/United_States/Michigan/.

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