Maine Dog Grooming Career

There is a way to turn your love of man’s best friend into a lifelong career that you will maineabsolutely cherish.  So, you have decided becoming a dog groomer in Maine, is the perfect career for you! Now, you just need to figure out where to go from here. Breaking into this area will take some time, but with the number of pets within American homes on the rise, this will turn out to be a lucrative and rewarding career in which you get to interact with pets on a daily basis.



The route to becoming a groomer in Maine can take a variety of different roads. There are a variety of schools that someone interested in the subject can attend. If you choose to attend school, then you can specialize in certain, specialized areas of grooming services such as fur design or dog health.

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Once education is complete, or as an alternative to education depending on where you look, one can find employment at a grooming business. Typically, groomers will shadow a more experienced groomer or start out as an assistant in order to gain experience in the working environment. Once this process is complete, the groomer can gain more education or the individual can choose to start working full time as groomer.

Maine has a variety of programs to become a certified dog groomer available through privately-owned businesses. You can find a list of Maine Department of Education sanctioned options here:

Some of the Job Duties and Tasks you will Face

A dog groomer ensures that a dog looks and feels its best. Typical aspects of the job include trimming the dog’s fur, clipping its nails, and cleaning its ears. However, the job of a dog groomer is a lot more involved than just that. The dog groomer is the first line of defense for the dog’s health. A dog groomer will regularly check for any injuries or parasites, or anything else that seems odd or out of place. This is will ensure that the dog continues to be in good health for the foreseeable future. If the dog is in good health, then a dog groomer can bathe it and provide specialized fur designs and dyeing jobs that will make the dog look more unique.

Job Outlook and Potential Pay

The pay range for a dog groomer can vary depending on where the dog groomer ends up getting a job. In Maine, dog groomer’s can work at large chain pet store or a more specialized clinic. The pay can change depending on what type of special education the dog groomer has. For instance, a groomer can specialize in grooming certain types of dogs which will typically affect the pay that the groomer can receive. If the type of dog is more unique here in the state of Maine, then it will cost more to groom the dog.

The annual salary for a dog groomer can vary widely depending on these factors. However, a dog groomer will typically earn a salary somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000 per year.


Once you have completed these steps and gained the education that you need to be a dog groomer, you can start reaching out to potential employers. For the Maine area, this site is a great place to seek out job opportunities:

To stay on top of the latest trends and news in the world of dog grooming, you can look at

If you follow these critical steps, then you can find yourself with a rewarding and long lasting career in the exciting world of dog grooming!