How to Become a Dog Groomer in Hawaii

Becoming a dog groomer in Hawaii provides a very rewarding career path for men andhawaii women of all ages. Groomers get to provide essential services to dogs of all sizes on a daily basis. Groomers also have an opportunity to build strong communication skills through interactions with dog owners and other professionals.



Requirements for Becoming a Dog Groomer in Hawaii

There are no state or federal agencies that regulate dog groomers in Hawaii. As a result, the main requirement for becoming a dog groomer is getting hired. Dog groomers are needed by many establishments in Hawaii, including pet stores, kennels, humane societies and vet clinics.

The best way for an individual to show a business that they have the knowledge and skills needed to work as a dog groomer is to complete a pet grooming certification program. Not only does obtaining a grooming certificate provide the qualifications needed to get a job as a professional groomer, but it also teaches everything someone needs to know to start their own dog grooming business.

Dog Grooming Certification Details

Pet grooming certification in Hawaii is a program that can be completed online. The time requirement for this program is two months. This certification program is divided into nine sections. The first two sections are Introduction to Pet Grooming, followed by Introduction to Dogs and Cats.

The next section in the program is Pre-Grooming Procedures. From there, the next three sections are Dog Grooming. Each of these sections covers the details and differences of properly grooming different dog breeds. The seventh section is Dog Personalities and Behavior. Cat Grooming is the focus of the second to last section. And the program wraps up with a final section on Business Practices.

Dog Grooming Certificate Costs

The Pet Grooming Certification program can be completed for under $600. Individuals who make a one-time payment will receive the lowest tuition rate available. Books, a Study Planner app, learning aids, online community access and instructional support are all included in the cost. The program’s cost also includes a dog slicker brush, universal comb and dog nail trimmers.

Tuition for the pet grooming certification program can also be paid for on a monthly basis. The monthly payment plans are interest free and can be as low as $45 a month. The total cost for these options is varies slightly depending on whether they are Monthly Auto Pay or Monthly Mail Pay.

Job Outlook and Potential Pay

Not only are there numerous environments where a dog groomer can work, but the outlook for this job’s growth is faster than average. In 2014, there were 214,600 animal care and service worker jobs across Hawaii and the rest of the United States. The Bureau of Labor expects this field to grow by 11%, which means 25,700 jobs will be added by 2024. As of 2015, $21,260 is the median pay for jobs in the field.

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Resources for Potential Dog Groomers in Hawaii

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