Dog Grooming Training in Arkansas

Becoming a dog groomer in Arkansas is an excellent career choice for anyone who enjoysarkansas this type of animal. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the job outlook for dog groomers to grow at a faster than average rate over the next eight years. The path to starting a career as a dog groomer involves getting a Pet Grooming Certificate. The program to obtain a Pet Grooming Certificate can be done completely entirely online and in as little as sixty days.



What Will Your Duties Consist Of?

Groomers are responsible for bathing, cleaning and styling dogs of all sizes. In addition to giving baths, groomers may give a dog a haircut, brush and de-mat its coat, trim a dog’s nails and clean the ears. Common tools used by dog groomers in Arkansas include: bathing stations, electric clippers, combs and grooming shears. Groomers must maintain a clean and sanitary environment to ensure the safety of every dog. Individuals who complete the Pet Grooming Certificate program will also have the option to work with cats.

Skills Required to Become a Dog Groomer in Arkansas

There are not specific skills needed prior to beginning the Pet Grooming Certificate program. While most people who choose this program love dogs and are comfortable interacting with all different breeds, individuals get started on this career path at many different ages and from all kinds of backgrounds.

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Grooming School Areas of Study

Upon completion of this program, Pet Grooming Certificate recipients will know the anatomy of both dogs and cats. Recipients will have knowledge of the tools used during grooming, understand how to prepare a pet for grooming and be aware of the best practices for different breeds. Individuals who complete the program will also know the best strategies for dealing with common grooming problems and have all the required knowledge to start their own grooming business.

The Pet Grooming Certificate program is able to accomplish all of the above goals by dividing the areas of study into nine main sections. This makes it possible to learn a significant amount of information in a timely and manageable way. Everything required to complete the Pet Grooming Certificate is included in the program’s price. The only additional equipment needed by those going through the program is a computer with Internet access.

Licensing and Potential Jobs

The state government of Arkansas does not have specific licensing requirements for dog groomers. The same is true for the United States federal government. Once the Pet Grooming Certificate program is completed, graduates can begin looking for a job. Most kennels and humane societies employ groomers. Pet stores and veterinary clinics also have an ongoing need for qualified groomers. Certificate holders also have the option to start their own grooming business at any time.

Arkansas Resources

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