How to Become a Dog Groomer in South Carolina

There is a prime opportunity to embrace a brand-new and exciting career path as asouth-carolina professional dog groomer in South Carolina. Entering into this profession has its share of benefits as professional dog groomers earn competitive pay by providing a service that is always in demand. Dog groomers in South Carolina are capable of working in all types of settings, which include private shops, veterinary facilities, animal shelters, dog kennels and more.


What will You Do in This Career?

A professional dog groomer in South Carolina is capable of handling a multitude of responsibilities. The bathing and drying process is one that is integral to the job and there are exact procedures to follow. This applies to washing a dog’s coat as well as flushing the ears. These procedures, like many others in the profession, are contingent upon the specific breed of dog. Dog groomers know how to differentiate between those procedures and apply the most appropriate ones when needed.

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The clipping and cutting part of the job involves the use of a variety of tools. South Carolina dog groomers are schooled in the arts of using a traditional clipper blade as well as barber shears. Other tools will be introduced to prospective dog groomers as there is a good deal of functional equipment at their disposal.

Styling a dog’s coat requires the proper use of all of those grooming tools. During that process, dog groomers will choose whether to use such techniques as hand scissoring and hand stripping. There are also plenty of occasions when owners will make special requests as dog groomers are expected to know how to handle each of those. Some requests are more common than others, but it is up to the professional dog groomer to sort through the details and provide customer satisfaction.

Safety tips help dog owners control a dog’s temperament and keep the dog safe throughout the process. Those tips prove to be extremely useful in the nail clipping process, a service that is frequently requested by dog owners. South Carolina dog groomers possess a broad knowledge of which breeds can be more of a problem, which enables them to thoroughly prepare for each individual dog that goes through the grooming process.

Requirements in South Carolina

The requirements to become a professional dog groomer in South Carolina do not include having a high school diploma or GED equivalency. Either of those certifications are helpful to dog groomers in training, but are not mandatory to join the training program. All students will be asked to turn in regular assignments in addition to performing a variety of skill assessments.

Average Salary

The average dog groomer salary in South Carolina averages out at $29,000 per year. There is room for advancement in this profession as more experienced groomers and top-end groomers add to that annual salary. The starting pay rate for new dog groomers varies by location and type of establishment in South Carolina.

Future Dog Groomer Resources

American Kennel Club (AKC)

A name that needs very little introduction, the American Kennel Club came into existence at the end of the 19th century. Since then, it has been a trademark of the dog owner community. The AKC continues to carry on its proud tradition by providing an abundance of resources to dog owners.

South Carolina Humane Society

This organization has been fighting animal cruelty since 1902 and is a primary resource in South Carolina for reporting animal cruelty or registering your dog to get spayed or neutered.

South Carolina Dog Training Directory

This is more than a site for dog training services, but one that offers a comprehensive list of dog services in South Carolina.

National Dog Groomers Association of America

This association is a collection of dog groomers from every end of the country. Dog groomers can find valuable tips, information and national workshops that help enhance their craft. Membership to the NDGAA is a tremendous benefit for professional dog groomers.