Rhode Island Dog Groomer Career

The career of a dog groomer in Rhode Island is one that is filled with possibilities as it can rhode-islandlead to employment in all types of establishments, including pet shops, kennels, upscale resorts, animal shelters and more. Dog groomers in Rhode Island are provided with an abundance of choices in what can be a lifelong career that is filled with style, excitement and very competitive pay. A professional Rhode Island dog groomer can also work in a private capacity for clients on an individual basis.


Rhode Island Requirements

There is no rule that requires any kind of GED equivalency or high school diploma in order to become a professional dog groomer in Rhode Island. All that is needed is the desire to pursue this career along with the discipline to complete the necessary requirements. Students will be given written assignments along with skill assessments as they journey through the intriguing process of becoming a professional dog groomer in Rhode Island. Training also requires students to adhere to professional standards in terms of conduct and to carry themselves appropriately.

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Salary Expectations and Potential Pay

The salary of a dog groomer in Rhode Island is one that falls between $32,599 and $41,899 per year. In some higher end locations, a Rhode Island dog groomer can expect to stretch towards the $50,000 mark. Starting salaries tend to be rather generous as Rhode Island is one of the better paying states for a professional dog groomer.

Requested Services and Responsibilities

A professional dog groomer has a wide array of skills and responsibilities. One of the most highly-requested services is the cutting and clipping process. Rhode Island dog groomers learn how exactly to cut, clip and trim various breeds of dogs. That involves the use of techniques like hand-scissoring on dogs with longer hair and using a clipper blade on shorter-haired dogs. Hand-stripping is another popular technique that allows a groomer to remove thicker coats of hair from dogs.

Dog groomers are equipped with the knowledge which will enable them to know exactly when to utilize each of their learned techniques. The actual cutting and clipping process is combined with a sound knowledge base that encompasses all different breeds of dogs.

Part of a dog groomer’s responsibilities also include bathing and drying. This is done not just for cosmetic purposes, but for hygienic purposes as well. There is a long line of shampoo treatments for dogs and a professional groomer learns which ones work best on particular breeds. Nail clipping is one more service frequently requested by dog owners and there is a specialized way of carrying out that procedure as well.

When conducting any of these procedures, a professional dog groomer makes use of different techniques used to control a dog’s temperament. Calming a dog is essential through the entire grooming process, which makes a dog groomer skilled in more ways than one. Once Rhode Island dog groomers learn all these techniques and skills, they will be able to effectively fulfill their duties at all different kinds of establishments that provide grooming services.

Professional Resources

American Kennel Club (AKC)

The American Kennel Club was founded in 1884 and has a long-standing tradition of excellence in the dog owner community. The AKC provides owners with a way of registering their dogs while also providing a wealth of useful information for the canine world.

Rhode Island Dog Groomers

All the accredited Rhode Island Dog Groomers are capable of being found on one website, which provides all the pertinent information for each respective business.

Rhode Island Mobile Dog Groomers

This website provides a collection of dog groomers that will come directly to the homes of dog owners. The mobile convenience is one more perk for Rhode Island dog owners.

National Dog Groomers Association of America

Dog groomers from all over the country have joined the NDGAA to help further their careers. This association is a tremendous asset that continually provides an immensity of resources Rhode Island dog groomers can use to advance their knowledge as well as their careers.