Dog Grooming Career in Oregon

If you are interested in learning how to become a dog groomer in Oregon, then there areoregon certain things that you will need to think about. How much do you love dogs? If you are comfortable spending the entire day with them, for weeks on end, then this could be the perfect job for you. From schooling to internships, the process to become a dog groomer can feel complicated. But, it is relatively simple and this guide will show you how to make it happen.


Daily Tasks and Responsibilies

As a dog groomer in Oregon, you will responsible for keeping a dog looking and feeling its best. When a dog is brought to you, the first step will be checking its ears, eyes, nails, skin, and fur for any potential irritants or other possible things that could harm it. Once you have determined that it is in good health, you will move on to cleaning and trimming the fur and nails and clearing out the ears.

In a wet, coastal state such as Oregon, it is important to factor in the cold and rainy weather when caring for a dog. You will want to ensure that the fur is long enough to keep the dog warm, but not so long that it is constantly trapping debris and irritants that can be found in the dense foliage of Oregon. A happy medium will be required to keep the dog in its best shape.

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Salary Expectations and Pay

Salaries in Oregon for dog grooming tend to be more steady and higher than in other states. For example, a dog groomer starting out can expert to make $20,000 to $30,000 which is pretty high for an entry level career. Once you have become established, your pay can increase into the 50,000s.

Oregon Dog Grooming Schools

Keep in mind that while Oregon is not a small state, it does not have a very dense population so you are going to have to go to more metropolitan areas to find a school. There are only two major schools in the state, both along the coast, so if you are inland be prepared to head west to get trained properly.

When learning to be a dog groomer in Oregon, your training will cover these major areas: fur trimming, dog breeds, nail trimming, ear cleaning, CPR, and the emergency techniques.

Professional Resources

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Humane Society of Central Oregon

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