Becoming a Kentucky Dog Groomer

Dog groomers play a vital role in maintaining the fine appearance of dogs as well as kentuckypromoting dog health. Grooming services include bathing a dog, trimming fur, and clipping nails. A dog groomer also identifies potential health problems such as infections and tooth decay. To become a professional dog groomer in Kentucky, you need to take the steps outlined below.



Get Your Dog Grooming Education

Dog grooming education in Kentucky is offered by some vocational schools. In addition, many dog groomers in Kentucky acquire their practical skills by completing an informal apprenticeship with a licensed dog groomer. If one chooses to pursue a formal education, it is best to enroll in an accredited school. Dog grooming schools in Kentucky are found in Bethany, Lenoxburg, Lexington, Louisville and Newport. The duration of training varies, depending on whether it is a certificate or diploma program.

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Certificate programs typically range from eight to ten weeks, and prepare students to work in a dog grooming facility. Students acquire the basic skills and knowledge in bathing, styling and grooming dogs. Diploma programs are more intensive, and may take six to twelve months to complete. Students build an advanced skill set in dog grooming techniques, which prepares them to run their own business. Diploma programs may include business courses to prepare students who intend to set up their own dog grooming facilities. Some dog grooming schools offer both online and onsite courses.

Certification Options

Certification for dog grooming is voluntary, but it helps to enhance career prospects. Through certification, your knowledge and skills in dog grooming are validated, thus allowing you to distinguish yourself in the industry. The National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) provides the National Certified Master Groomer designation. Prerequisites to the test involve passing a drug screening test and passing a criminal background check. To be certified, you have to achieve a pass score in a written exam as well as be examined on acquired skills. Once you attain your NDGAA certification, you are required to pay a yearly membership fee to maintain an active status.

Licensing Overview

Special licensing is not required to practice as a dog groomer in Kentucky. However, you will need to apply for a business license from the Kentucky One Stop Business Portal. Licensing requirements vary by industry, hence the agency will advise you on the specific licenses and permits required to run a dog grooming establishment.

Keeping Your Dog Grooming Certification Current

The NDGAA offers grooming seminars and workshops for members. By attending these educative sessions, you will be able to keep current on industry trends. NDGAA workshops allow dog groomers to meet the continuing education requirement for the industry.

Kentucky Dog Grooming Internships

Most dog grooming schools in Kentucky offer internship opportunities by partnering with local dog grooming businesses. Through an internship, you will acquire first-hand knowledge on the challenges involved in a dog grooming salon. You will also have the opportunity to relate with customers and apply all the practical skills acquired during training.

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