Kansas Dog Grooming Career

To become a dog groomer in Kansas, one requires a modest amount of formal educationkansas in an accredited school. An individual may also choose to become a dog groomer by completing an informal apprenticeship with a licensed groomer. The steps below will help you to prepare for a successful dog groomer career in Kansas. 



Getting Your Education

To become a dog groomer in Kansas, you need not meet any strict formal education requirements. However, it is helpful to have completed a high school education or its equivalent.

There are a number of online programs available that could earn you certification in as little as two months. Because groomers come from all walks of life, the Pet Grooming Certificate program doesn’t have any perquisites. Instead, it’s made up of a comprehensive curriculum that can take anyone with motivation to learn from a complete novice to a confident grooming professional.

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Grooming School in Kansas

The only state accredited dog grooming school in Kansas is found in Wichita, located in south-central Kansas, along the Arkansas River. The curriculum at the school comprises a 10-week course that provides students with a broad range of dog grooming techniques. Areas of instruction at the school include bathing practices, techniques for hair styling and safe handling of pets. Students also learn about the various diseases that afflict dogs and become knowledgeable in recognizing the different symptoms associated with various dog health issues. Students are assessed regularly through several tests. To gain more practical skills, you may want to complete an internship or formal apprenticeship with a local dog grooming facility. This is an excellent opportunity to apply concepts learnt in training and to develop hands-on experience in dog grooming.


Certification is not mandatory to practice dog grooming in Kansas. Nonetheless, earning certification is an excellent way to demonstrate industry aptitude. Certification for dog groomers is offered by the National Dog Groomers Association of America, which provides the National Certified Master Groomer designation. To earn certification, an individual must have attended an accredited workshop, demonstrate practical skills and pass a series of written exams. Those who desire more rigorous certification can take the certification program offered by the International Professional Groomers, which offers various certification programs to suit individual needs.

Applying for a Practicing License in Kansas

The Kansas Department of Agriculture provides practicing licenses for animal facilities. Regulation of animal facilities in the state is conducted by the Animal Facilities Inspection Program. All licensing Facilities are inspected yearly to ensure that licensing requirements are upheld in providing pet services.

Dog Grooming Profession in Kansas

Dog groomers may work for themselves or may be employed in various veterinary establishments such as pet salons, veterinarian clinics, dog shelters, or mobile grooming clinics. Some groomers may visit the home of a dog owner to provide services in a private residence.

A dog groomer performs various duties, all of which are aimed at maintaining the good health and fine appearance of clients’ dogs. Dog groomers must also maintain high hygienic standards in the dog grooming facility, which includes routinely sterilizing grooming equipment. 

Wages and Potential Pay

Wages for dog groomers in Kansas are on the lower side. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2015 median pay was $21,260 per year. However, job growth is expected to grow at a faster than average rate for the period 2015 to 2024.

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