Becoming a Connecticut Dog Groomer

Acquiring the job of a dog groomer in Connecticut can set someone up for a long-lasting connecticutand productive career. There is a regular demand for Connecticut dog groomers, which offers a wealth of possibilities for the future. The profession is hands-on and one that never seems to go out of style. Dog groomers provide a valuable skill that can be used in pet stores, grooming shops, animal shelters, kennels, upscale resorts and veterinary facilities.



Potential Pay

The state of Connecticut is home to dog groomers who average an annual salary that falls between $21,850 and $36,180. Starting pay rates depend on the type of Connecticut dog grooming business as higher-end establishments pay out at a higher rate. The more certifications a dog groomer owns, the higher the pay scale is expected to be in the state of Connecticut.

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Connecticut Requirements

There is no educational standard that needs to be met in order to become a professional dog groomer in Connecticut. That means a prospective dog groomer does not need a high school diploma to begin the training process. As part of the training program, students will be expected to meet deadlines and complete all the required assignments. The program curriculum includes written examinations along with hands-on assessments that cover an array of grooming procedures and techniques.

Tasks of a Dog Groomer in Connecticut

The daily life of a dog groomer includes a host of different tasks, which include bathing and drying. Dog groomers in Connecticut are expected to know how to apply different bathing products, which include various shampoos and flea treatments. As part of this process, dog groomers are also expected to know how to contend with different temperaments. Techniques are taught as a way of calming dogs through this process.

Nail clipping is another service that is widely utilized by Connecticut dog groomers on a frequent basis. Several different techniques are taught to ensure this service is completed as expected. The actual cutting and clipping process is a major part of a dog groomer’s daily activities. The use of scissors and shears are required and there are numerous techniques that go along with the use of these tools.

Advanced techniques are taught in the form of hand scissoring and hand-stripping. A professional dog groomer has the knowledge base to know which technique is most appropriate for a certain breed of dogs. There is also a good deal to know about the different coats on various breeds of dogs. Accumulating a sound knowledge base on those different breeds will enable a professional dog groomer to know exactly how to accommodate each individual dog.

Many dog owners are very selective and precise about the style they want for their dogs. Being able to recognize and meet these requests is an essential part of a dog groomer’s job. Prospective dog groomers in Connecticut will learn all of the previously-mentioned skills, techniques, and procedures so that they can be properly utilized in their future workplace.

Helpful Resources

Connecticut Dog Groomer Jobs

Peruse real classified ads of dog groomer jobs in Connecticut. Job listings include a borad range of information and ways to contact prospective employers.

Connecticut Humane Society

There is a wealth of information available on this site about dog clinics, kennels and statewide services aimed at advancing the life and health of dogs.

STARelief and Pet Assistance

Based out of Stamford, this non-profit organization provides veterinary care, emergency housing and many more beneficial services to dog lovers and professionals in Connecticut.

 American Kennel Club (AKC)

The American Kennel Club has become a household name and is a major part of the dog owner community. Dog owners can turn to the AKC for the registration of their dogs as well as informative resources that expands their knowledge on the daily upkeep of their canine friends.

National Dog Groomers Association of America

The NDGAA is a tremendous resource for dog groomers, offering valuable insight and numerous workshops around the country. This is a prime resource for dog groomers who are looking to expand their knowledge and skill set.