How to Become a Dog Groomer in Alaska

Working as a dog groomer in Alaska is a great option for taking a personal passion and alaskaturning it into a long-term career. Dog groomers not only get to care for dogs on a daily basis, but they’re also very respected by the clients they serve. The main requirement for becoming a dog groomer in Alaska is to complete a certification program. Once the program is done, opportunities for working as a groomer include Alaskan humane societies, vet clinics, pet stores and clinics. A certified groomer also has the option to start their own business at any time.


Requirements to Become a Groomer

There are no specific skill requirements to begin a dog grooming certification in Alaska. Everything that someone needs to know to succeed as a groomer will be taught during the course. Anyone considering this career path should love dogs and feel comfortable working with breeds of all sizes. Other common personality traits of dog groomers include compassion and patience, as well as the ability to communicate. Individuals who are organized and care about keeping their work area clean will be in the best position to find lasting success as a dog groomer.

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It’s possible to become a dog groomer at any age. While an individual can even complete their certification in their teen years, most businesses won’t hire a groomer under the age of 18. Recent statistics show that many people from their late-twenties to mid-forties are becoming dog groomers. These individuals come from all different backgrounds. Thanks to all the opportunity available within this field, the main prerequisite for success is the desire to do great work every day.

How a Dog Groomer Certificate Program Works

The path to becoming a dog groomer is to complete a Pet Grooming Certificate program. This type of program is available online and can be completed in as little as two months. Completing a Pet Grooming Certificate program provides all the knowledge and skills needed to professionally groom both dogs and cats.

Topics covered in the certification plan include an introduction to pet grooming and the basics of both species. The program then moves into pre-grooming procedures and how to properly groom different breeds of dogs. The last sections in the Pet Grooming Certificate program cover how to groom cats and best practices for grooming businesses.

Schooling Costs

The total cost for a Pet Grooming Certificate is under $600. That includes everything needed to complete the program, as well as several grooming tools. The three payment plans for this program are Full Pay, Monthly Auto Pay or Monthly Mail Pay. Full Pay is a one-time payment of $499. Both the monthly payment plans have 0% interest. The totals are $544 for Monthly Auto Pay and $574 for Monthly Mail Pay.

Job Prospects and Potential Pay

There is no state or federal licensing requirements for dog groomers, which means an individual can begin looking for a job as soon as the Pet Grooming Certification program is completed. Many people actually choose to begin their job search during the latter part of going through the program. This provides an opportunity to compare different job environments and find a job in less time.

The Bureau of Labor classifies dog groomers under animal care and service workers. In 2015, the median pay for animal care and service workers was $21,260. With a total number of 241,600 jobs in 2014, the outlook for this type of job is growing at 11%. That growth is faster than average and will add another 25,700 jobs by 2024.

Resources for an Alaska Dog Groomer

Alaska SPCA

National Dog Groomers Association of America

Gastineau Humane Society

International Professional Groomers, Inc.

Ketchikan Humane Society