Pet Grooming School and the Importance of Pet Grooming

Pet grooming serves a variety of purposes as it does more than just make animals look their very best. There are all kinds of health benefits that come with pet grooming and trained pet groomers know exactly what to look for during the grooming process. As a result, pets are able to lead a healthier, more comfortable life when they make regular visits to a professionally trained pet groomer.


Professional pet groomers are taught more than just techniques and methods of grooming. There is also an abundance of knowledge included in their training. Here is a look at some of the many benefits that are a result of the expertise attained by a trained pet groomer.

Reduces injuries

Nail clipping is a grooming process that is not done just for the sake of humans. Pets with nails that are too long can get them stuck in certain surfaces, which includes rugs. Keeping nails properly manicured will reduce a pet’s susceptibility to injuries.

Decreases itching

A clean pet means that the fur is not inundated with any kind of dirt, knots or matted hair that could otherwise cause itching. Once a pet leaves a grooming facility, there are usually no signs of itching, which is a way to ensure a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Identifies Disease

Some pets grow hair to the point where it can conceal problem areas. When getting your pet professionally groomed, there is the opportunity to check for any kind of lumps or injuries. Pet groomers are well-versed in detecting abnormalities. This can also include identifying small insects, such as ticks or fleas. A pet groomer might even spot a bump that may or may not be cancerous. Think of grooming as kind of an unofficial checkup on your pet’s exterior.

Improves vision

Hair can quickly grow out and get in the eyes of a pet. That can be a tremendous nuisance, but it can also have negative health effects. When hair gets too long and starts to fall into your pet’s eyes, it can cause an infection. There is no reason your pet’s eyes should not be clear and bright. Watery eyes are a sign that the excess hair is causing problems.

Dental hygiene

Dog owners should make it a point to brush their pet’s teeth on a regular basis. Without regular brushing, a dog can not only develop bad breath, but periodontal disease can also occur. Pet groomers can identify when this becomes a problem and then make the necessary suggestions as to how owners can remedy this problem.

Keeps skin healthy

Too much bathing of pets actually has an adverse effect. What happens with excess bathing is the natural oils are removed from their skin. Without those oils, skin can become dry and start to itch. That leads pets to start scratching excessively and too much scratching could even lead to an infection.

Removes excess hair

Some breeds of dogs require more extensive grooming. Collies are one type of dog that is double-coated. That means they have another coat underneath their longer layer of hair. Shedding only gets rid of so much of the excess hair and getting to a groomer is a way of not only removing excess hair, but also a way of checking for problems.

Doctor recommendations

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, pet owners could occasionally miss signs that their pet has some kind of abnormality or issue. Pet groomers can identify these signs and suggest a veterinary visit. That could wind up making a big difference if there is indeed a serious issue. Part of treating any serious pet condition is identifying it early.

Pet grooming schools prepare groomers to do more than make pets look beautiful. They are also prepared to provide a valuable health service that can detect problems and make life more comfortable for pets while giving their owners peace of mind.